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Time Period to Get a Hardship License (RDP)

The time period to get a hardship license depends on if you need a formal or informal hearing.  If you have one prior DUI, or are revoked for most other reasons, you will need an informal hearing.  It takes about 7 days to schedule and prepare for an informal hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State.  After the hearing, it takes 4-6 weeks for a decision.

If a person has two or more DUIs or is revoked for a more serious reason a formal hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State is required.

It takes approximately 2 months before a formal hearing can be held.  The primary reason is because the Illinois Secretary of State takes five weeks to schedule the hearing once they receive the request and the $50.00 fee.

Further, I need to meet with my Client approximately five times (1 hour each meeting) to ensure that we will have a successful hearing.  If the Client has not completed any treatment, there may be a further delay although in some circumstances the treatment can be waived.

After the hearing, the Illinois Secretary of State takes 5-6 weeks to mail a decision.  Once a positive decision is made and received it takes a person about 10 days before they can take the road test and obtain the Restrictive Driver’s Permit, (Hardship License).

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