Hardship License (RDP), License Reinstatement

Once a person has had his or her license revoked or suspended, Attorney Young can assist in obtaining a Restrictive Driving Permit, (RDP).  The process involves a hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State.

There are two types of hearings: formal and informal.  A formal hearing is required when a person’s license is revoked for more serious offenses.  For example, if a person has had two or more DUIs a formal hearing is required.  If a person has had one conviction for DUI (no prior court supervision for DUI) then a informal hearing is required.

The most typical formal hearing involves a person with two or more prior charges of DUI.  The process to get a person ready for the hearing usually requires several meeting with me (up to 5 for a formal hearing).  The reason I have to meet with you so many times is because when we attend the hearing, we have to present our case.  You are sworn in and you are my only witness.  I will ask you between 100 and 150 questions.  When we meet to get ready for the hearing, I review these questions with you and we do two practice hearings.  I will not take you to a hearing unless I feel you are 100% ready.  I have no interest is seeing you fail.

I record our review sessions and send you home with the tape recorder to review the questions and answers.  I not only teach you the questions and review the answers, but I work with you in a meaningful way to teach you why the correct answer is the right answer.  In order for us to present a quality presentation at the hearing, and have the best chance possible at winning, I work closely with you.

I will handle every aspect of your hearing myself.  I have been an Attorney for over 18 years and have represented individuals at formal hearings for over 16 years.  I know what the Secretary of State expects from you in order to allow you back on the road.

License Revocation

An individual can have a revoked driver’s license for many reasons.  The most common reasons are having two or more charges and/or dispositions of driving under the influence on their record.  Other common reasons are being convicted of a felony where a motor vehicle is involved, for example, if a person is charged with having drugs in a car, the possession of the illegal drugs is the felony and because they were being transported in the vehicle, the vehicle is considered used to help commit the felony.

A person having two or more driver’s license is also another reason for a revoked license.  The most typical case is where a person obtains a driver’s license using a false or another person’s social security number.   When the person obtains status to be in the United States they then go and obtain a driver’s license with their real name and social security number.  The Illinois Secretary of State uses computer software that looks at the pictures of the driver’s license and identifies individuals who look similar.  If the Illinois Secretary of State matches what appears to be the same individual using having two driver’s license, they revoked the license and the Illinois Secretary of State Police become involved.

As your attorney, I will represent you if your license is revoked for any reason and assist you in getting your license reinstated.  I offer a free consultation and I can explain in much greater detail all of the steps I take to help you get back on the road.  Telephone consultations or in person appointments available.

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