Getting Back on The Road

Once you lose your driver’s license, getting your license back has to be done through the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. Depending on the circumstances, you will need either an informal hearing or a formal hearing.

The subject of the hearing, the testimony and evidence that has to be presented is based upon the reason you lost your license.

For example, if you lost your license because of one or more charges of DUI, then much, but not all, of the testimony and evidence presented will concern your alcohol and drug consumption.

Once a hearing takes place, it takes the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office 4 – 6 weeks to mail you its written decision. In other words, they do not tell you if they are going to give your license back at the hearing, they just say “thank you” we’ll mail you our decision.

Although you can go to the hearing yourself, you really should have an attorney who has experience with Secretary of State hearings.

I have been assisting individuals for over 18 years at Secretary of State hearings. There is much more information I can give you once I know your specific circumstances.

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