Driving on a Revoked or Suspended License

2-6303 of the Illinois Vehicle Code is the charge for driving on a revoked or suspended driver’s license.

You can have a revoked or suspended license for many reasons.  Most of the time a revoked license is because a person has two or more prior charges of driving under the influence cases (DUI).

A suspended license is usually for less serious offenses: too many tickets, unpaid tickets, failure to appear in court when required, failure to have proper insurance, tollway violations.

If a person has a revoked license based upon a prior DUI and he previously has been charged with driving on a revoked license, it is possible that the new driving on a revoked license charge can be upgraded to a felony case.  Therefore, it is important to determine if your case can be upgraded to a felony so that you know how to handle the case in court.

There is much more information I can give you on a revoked or suspended license – – each case is different.  After a brief conversation with you I can figure out most cases and tell you what has to be done over the phone and the price that I would charge.  Discussing your case with me is free and I offer both telephone and in-person consultation.  You have nothing to lose and your freedom to gain.  If you call or come to meet me, I do not expect you to hire me. I will give you the information and you can go on your way.  No hard sell.  I do not pressure you.  I treat you as I would like to be treated – –  with respect.

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