Why Do I Need An Attorney For My DUI Case?

The Judge will require you to have an attorney and you will receive a much better result in your case.

A person charged with DUI should have an attorney for several reasons.  First, a DUI case is a serious case where a person can be sent to jail for up to 364 days and fined up to $2,500.00 for a first offense.  Further, a driver’s license could be suspended up to 1 year.

Second, the judge will wants you to have an attorney and will really push you to hire an attorney.  Over the years I have seen a few individuals come to court and tell the judge that they do not want to hire an attorney and just want to plead guilty and take responsibility.  In every case the judge said something like, “ok, I’m going to send you to jail for 1 year, are you ready to go in today.”  And in every case the person suddenly realizes the serious nature of the case and asks the judge for a continuance so he can get an attorney.

Third, a good attorney can either have the case reduced or dismissed.  I’m not trying to make a sale pitch here, but, the results I consistently obtain result in a significant benefit.  From having a client being found “not guilty” to having charges and fines greatly reduced.

Finally, you should have an attorney hired before your first court date as the sooner the attorney starts working on the case and filing legal pleadings on your behalf, (see Statutory Summary Suspension), the better chance you have of not having your driver’s license suspended and winning your case.

During an initial free consultation (on the phone or in person) I can answer any other questions you may have.  Discussing your case with me is free and I offer both telephone consultations or in person consultation.  You have nothing to lose and your freedom to gain.  If you telephone me or meet with me I simply tell you what has to be done and what I will charge – I do not expect you to hire me. I will give you the information and you can go on your way.  No hard sell.  I do not pressure you.  I treat you as I would like to be treated – –  with respect.

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