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Michael J. Young


Illinois DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer with Proven Results

As an Illinois DUI, Criminal Defense Attorney, and driver’s license reinstatement attorney I have the experience and knowledge to help you, but more importantly I will personally fight for you and win your case. For over 19 years I have helped people charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License, Criminal Drug Charges, Criminal Theft Charges, Misdemeanor, Felony, and helping reinstate revoked or suspended Illinois Driver’s License with the Illinois Secretary of State.

During my 19 years as an Illinois Attorney, I have represented thousands of individuals in the northern Illinois counties, including: Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Kane County, Kendall County, Kankakee County, Lake County, Please look at my reviews. I’m proud of my work and my results.

DUI: Preventing Your Driver’s License From Being Suspended

The first step to winning a DUI case is taking steps to stop your Illinois Driver’s License from being suspended. The sooner I file a Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension- – the better chance you have at stopping the suspension because the State has to provide you with a hearing within 30 days of the date I file a Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension.  This is an important date because after you receive a DUI and Statutory Summary Suspension, your Illinois driver’s license will automatically be suspended after 46 days.

Being able to have a hearing within the 46 days could save your license from being suspended.  Also, by fighting the DUI license suspension you also have the opportunity to obtain the arresting police officer’s testimony where we are able to lock the police officer into his version of events. This testimony can be used not only for the hearing to try to stop your DUI license suspension but also later to prove to the court that you were not driving under the influence of alcohol.

Winning your DUI / Criminal Case

Whether you have a DUI or charged with a felony or misdemeanor winning starts with careful review of the facts.

Although you received DUI tickets and a Notice of Statutory Summary Suspension, there are additionally documents that the police officer completed during and after your arrest that have important information.  One of these documents is the “Alcohol Influence Report” which is the police officer’s notes on how you performed on the roadside tests.  Another important document is the arresting officer’s narrative report.  This usually consists of a one to two page typed detailed report of why the police officer followed you, stopped you and arrested you.  These two reports, (Alcohol Influence Report and the narrative report) is the most important documents I use to fight a DUI charge.

In reviewing your case, I will ask you what happened, what tickets were issued and what the information that is written on the Notice of Statutory Summary Suspension.  Once I have this information, I can tell you how I would handle your case, the likely number of court appearances and what my fee will be.  Call and speak directly with me for a free consultation.